Juliaan Lampens


Juliaan Lampens. 1950-1991, the first monograph dedicated to the work of Flemish architect Juliaan Lampens, was published on the occasion of the eponymous exhibition at the deSingel International Arts Centre in 1991.

The undeniably original oeuvre of Juliaan Lampens, that mainly consisted of only a handful of built projects, was presented here for the first time to a larger audience. This retrospective of Lampens’ work was compiled together with several of Lampens’ former interns. Two essays accompanied the overview, Gerard Vandenhaute – Lampens commissioner and friend – wrote a personal account of their house and its architecture whilst the young architect-critic Paul Vermeulen reflected on a few private and public buildings.


The design of the book was entrusted to deSingels’ graphic designer Gert Audenaert – with whom I produced more than twenty publications for deSingel in the 1990s and founded a tradition of architectural publications in Flanders. In close collaboration with Koen Dekeyser and Lampens himself, Gert Audenaert created this emblematic book. Original sketches, drawings, texts, show the pure aesthetics and spacial elegance of Lampens' creations.

The book is currently being re-edited and is to be published in Autumn 2020 by the Flemish Architecture Institute.

Juliaan Lampens died at the age of 93 in November 2019.


International Art Centre deSingel, Antwerp (BE)

Contemporary Architecture

Collaborators :
Authors : Juliaan Lampens, Paul Vermeulen, Gerard Vandenhaute
Graphic design : Gert Audenaert
in collaboration with Koen Dekeyser

Function :
Editor in chief