Nijmegen, Designing ‘The Citybridge’

Laurent Ney

The book is a personal account by Laurent Ney, who together with Chris Poulissen designed this challenging assignment. Laurent Ney gives us a glimpse inside his head, and his sketchbooks. We follow him through an exciting process in which his knowledge of construction – historical as well as cultural, and local as well as international – blended with a clear vision of landscape and urban design.


Nijmegen’s city council had called for a ‘city bridge’, but what exactly this meant was to prove the key issue in the design process. The result is impressive: Europe’s largest single-arch bridge. Using original documentation, such as the assignment description, design sketches, explorations of the surroundings, sources of inspiration, models and photographs, Laurent Ney presents a fascinating picture of a complex design process.


Vantilt Publishers


Collaborators :
Laurent Ney, Froukje Van Dooren, Oswald Verbergt
Graphic Design : Piet Gerards Ontwerpers

Function :
Editor in chief and production manager