Architect is Residence, architect Philippe Viérin

noAarchitects rebuilt the In Flanders Field Museum in the ‘Laken Halle’ in Ypres in 2014. By studying and building this monumental building they experienced why rebuilding it was 'the right choice'. Within the framework of the Fenix project, iFFM invited Philippe Viérin once again to reflect on the entire reconstruction after the First World War in the ‘Westhoek’.

Challenging, because Philippe Viérin, one of the partners of noAarchitects, is also the great-grandson of Jos Viérin, one of the most important architects of the Reconstruction. Ingredients for a personal, critical retrospective and current vision of the architecture and landscape that surround us presented in a multi-media installation.

04.07.2020 - 03.01.2021

In Flanders Fields Museum

Contemporary Architecture, Heritage, Photography

Collaborators :
Co curator Philippe Viérin, Research: Jeroen Cornilly

Function :
Curator and production management exhibition and multimedia installation

Photography :
Stijn Bollaert