More than Punctual Interventions. Cultural Events, Competitions and Public Debate as Impetus for Architectural Culture in Flanders, 1974-2000

Autonomous Architecture in Flanders

1974. Belgium was in the midst of an architectural crisis. Between 1965 and 1975, according to Geert Bekaert, architecture was slowly going under. Due to the economic malaise the building industry went into serious decline after 1973, and in particular young architects found it difficult to find work. Francis Strauven diagnosed the situation in 1980: ‘Once Belgian architecture had, and not without difficulty, assimilated functionalism or some derivative of it, and learned to concentrate on the production of ‘functionally’ expressive objects, it lost all sense of urban character and contextuality, and now finds it extremely difficult to recapture those qualities’...


Leuven University Press

Contemporary Architecture

Co-authors :
Sofie De Caigny