Structural engineering and architecture are closely related to creative design. Both disciplines are diverse and different, but there is a close interaction between the two as they both shape the primary elements composing a building. Ney & Partners are convinced that reinforcing a transdisciplinary approach and emphasizing the overlap between structural engineering and architecture can significantly increase the quality of a project. Ney & Partners has been fortunate to be entrusted with this role by its clients; architects and contractors who share this conviction. They want to design buildings through a collaborative process. Based on a selection of building projects, this book aims to illustrate what is possible when an intensive dialogue between all parties involved leads to an integrated design of structures.

Selection of buildings:  Umicore office building - Hoboken, Elishout Coovi kitchen tower, Anderlecht - Mons International Congress Xperience, Mons - Extension International Art campus deSingel, Antwerp, Cordeel HQ Temse - Lab0vo Labiomista, Genk - Middelheim Museum art pavilion Het Huis , Antwerp - Nautile Sylvestre pavilion, Libramont - Carré des Arts canopy, Mons - Water tower Kirchberg, Kirchberg (Lux) - Competition design swimming pool Ostend, Ostend - Gaasbeek Castle canopy, Gaasbeek - COOP Center, Brussels, Restoration Parc Kleine Zavel, Brussels, Renovation Bierger Center, Luxembourg (LUX) - Renovation town hall and community centre Ledeberg, Ghent, Renovation and extension social housing project Brunfaut, Brussels - Multifunctional school building Melopee, Renovation and new pavilions Gare Maritime, Brussels - Sportcentre Genk, Genk.

Collaborators :
Editors: Vander Beken J., Vandermarliere K.
Authors: Vander Beken J., Gallez O., Jacques de Dixmude M., Lefèvre C., Néron L., Adriaenssens S.
Graphic Design: Jessika L'Ecluse

Function :
Editor in chief, production management

Photography :
Luca Beel, Stijn Bollaert, Jean-Luc Deru, Filip Dujardin, Marie-Françoise Plissart, François Lichtlé, and others.