Bureau Bas Smets

Together with urban planning and architecture, landscape design shapes our everyday surroundings. Through the exhibition ‘Landscapes’, the young engineer-architect and landscape designer Bas Smets illustrates his research for the mental and physical construction of landscapes.

Bas Smets was educated in Leuven and Geneva and gained practical experience with the French landscape architect Michel Desvigne. Bas Smets started his office in 2007 in Brussels and quickly gained an international reputation with designs for landscapes and public space throughout the world. In recent years they have realized projects across a wide range of scales.


‘Landscapes’ unravels the craftsmanship of the landscape designer: associative thinking, the importance of the senses, the formulation of a theory of the landscape, a knowledge of landscape painting, the indispensable contribution made by geologists, botanists and other specialists, down to the expertise of suppliers of living and inert material for construction. An exhibition that can be read in several ways, just like the landscape itself.

26.09.2012 - 05.01.2014

Flemish Architecture Institute, Antwerp (BE)

Contemporary Architecture, Landscape

Collaborators :
Bas Smets
Coproduction : deSingel International Arts Centre, Antwerp (BE)
Arc-en-Rêve, Centre d’Architecture, Bordeaux (FR)

Function :
Curator and production management

Photography :
Filip Dujardin