Marie-José Van Hee – Marie Mees & Cathérine Biasino


On the occasion of the exhibition ‘A piece of furniture is also a house’ at the Design Museum in Ghent (2016), Marie Mees and Cathérine Biasino designed a cushion for Van Hee’s bed-bank in association with Julie Van den Meutter. For a limited edition version of the bed-bank to add to the MANIERA collection, Marie-José Van Hee again invited Mees and Biasino to upholster the bed-bank, to make it into a proper, comfortable sofa and bed. Based on a design and basic idea by Marie-José Van Hee, this duo developed a thin mattress which can be rolled up to become a backrest.


The mattress, produced by Cover & Couch, is accompanied by a new series of knitted cushions whose designs and graphic motifs (seven different ones) are related to the dimensions and the individual elements of the bed-bank. A sturdily knitted fabric in slightly matted wool was chosen. They are made in one piece, with no seams, and look like an envelope in which you can put a cushion. Finishing the bed-bank with textiles results in a delicate composition with an extra element that is as manipulable as the piece of furniture itself.

30.11.2017 - 24.02.2018

Maniera Gallery, Brussels (BE)

Contemporary Architecture, Design

Collaborators :
commissioned by Amarylis Jacobs

Function :

Photography :
Filip Dujardin

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