A piece of furniture is also a house

Van Hee, Robbrecht & Daem, Kieckens, Dubois

Five architects who all graduated in Ghent in 1974/5 – Marie-José Van Hee, Paul Robbrecht and Hilde Daem, Christian Kieckens and Marc Dubois – can be considered to be the protagonists of a generation. Their work and influence have played an instrumental role in the development of a culture of architecture in Flanders. The exhibition examines interiors, scenography (stage design) and furniture design. A keen interest in construction history, the relationship with art, and ensuring that things can be manufactured in a logic way are also the basis of their designs for both interiors and furniture. In addition, each of them has selected one or more objects from the Design Museum’s collection, guided by their sense of inter-relationship, inspiration or wonder. The result is an exciting constellation in the stylish rooms of the Hotel De Coninck.


Design Museum, Ghent (BE)

Contemporary Architecture, Design