Pieter Bruegel inspiration for Bokrijk

The World of Bruegel

Pieter Bruegel’s oeuvre was a main source of inspiration for the museum’s creator and first director, Jozef Weyns. This film tell the story of how Weyns used Bruegel’s paintings as an encyclopaedia of images. These images provided Weyns with a vision of the rural life in the Low Lands, an image he endeavoured to recreate in the design of the Open-Air Museum. Bruegel’s imagery not only gave Weyns an idea of the general lay of the land, but also a feeling for the everyday life of the 16th century and the utensils used in it. Elements which Weyns equally searched to incorporate into his creation. (4’)


Bokrijk Open-Air Museum, Genk (BE)

Art, Heritage

Collaborators :
Production house : SAKADO
Research : Katrien Lichtert & Bokrijk
Production assistance : Rosanne Claes

Function :
Research and producution