Exhibition Guide

The House. The Mentor. The Archive. Christian Kieckens

The design of the exhibition The house. The mentor. The archive. Christian Kieckens is a literal expression of the title: three themes, three mentalities, three components of an oeuvre. The house takes the form of a spatial element: an abstraction of the house in Baardegem (1995) transformed into a textile sculpture. This installation is a reference to the tent as the origin of architecture. The house brings together four presentations: two series of projections of completed buildings, an intervention by an invited architect or artist that will be replaced every two weeks, and a setting with a table and chair that presents itself as a room in a house, or una stanza...


Flemish Architecture Institute / deSingel International Arts Centre

Contemporary Architecture

Co-authors :
Christian Kieckens, Pieter D'haeseleer, Maarten Lambrechts